An English Regency Statuary White Marble Columned Fireplace

£24,550 + VAT

A very good quality English Regency period fireplace executed in Italian Statuary white marble. The jambs with fluted columns stood on square foot blocks with carved Ionic capitals, with scrolled facia and acanthus leaf within.
The corner blocks finely carved in high relief of cup bearing eagles, flanking a fluted panelled frieze with a finely carved centre tablet of classical urn with horned rams heads and drapery. All beneath a break front stepped shelf.

The eagle in Greek mythology is a symbol of strength and power, also Zeus’s favoured animal and his messenger. Zeus sent his eagle to take Ganymede from Troy and serve as his cup bearer. The Ram is also a symbol of power, knowledge and protection as Hermes’s myth of carrying a ram on his shoulders around a cities walls protecting the citizens.

This particular chimneypiece symbolising strength, power, knowledge and authority is a superb example of an English Regency period fireplace, with superior carving and materials used.

Circa 1820

Opening sizes

98.5cm w X 91.5cm h


Width: 145.5 cm | Height: 117 cm | Depth: 17 cm
Opening Size
Width: 98.5 cm | Height: 91.5 cm