Blog: A True Barn Find

A True Barn Find

A True Barn Find

May 3, 2017  Tags: Barn Find, Italian statuary marble, « Back
A True Barn Find

If there is one thing more exciting than finding a fabulous fire surround, it has to be finding a fabulous fire surround that neccesitates a restoration project to get it back to its former glory.

Recently, we had the good fortune to be presented with such a gem when this 19th century, Italian, statuary white marble surround was brought to our attention by the new owners of a property in Dorset after they investigated their barn and found the various pieces, disassembled and half buried under big piles of hay and debris.

We were delighted to find that there were no pieces missing; the surround existed in its entirety and was transported it to our workshop where it is currently being reconstructed using the same traditional methods as were used in the 19th century, with any small, broken components restored using the same antique marble from which it was first created.

The fluted columns, corinthian capitals, carved centre plaque and break front shelf will soon be pieced back together – with an update and photos appearing on our blog and website.

That’s what you call a true barn find.

Barn Find

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