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Greek revival fire surround

Greek revival fire surround

December 11, 2015  Tags: « Back
Greek revival fire surround

Marmorea has recently taken stock of this striking, 19th century Greek revival fireplace.

The Greek revival of the late 18th and early 19th centuries saw a Greek influence in furniture and interior design and was looked upon as the last stage in the development of neoclassical architecture. The style’s popularity was seen as part of a general intellectual preoccupation with ancient Greek culture.

This fire surround is an elegant, simple structure, combining Irish Kilkenny and variegated Spanish Brocatelle marbles to great effect; the slim frieze with fluted end blocks creating a wonderful contrast to the jambs of Brocatelle panels inlayed with Greek key Kilkenny.

Sophisticated and unusual, it exemplifies the flavour of the time and could sit equally well with period or contemporary furniture and decor.

Kilkenny and Brocatelle marbles are sought after for their aesthetically pleasing properties and have been used in the construction of historical buildings and decorative pieces for centuries.

Brocatelle has the reputation of being a fragile, but very beautiful, hard stone and the oldest carved Brocatelle was found in Pompeii.

Kilkenny is quarried in the city of the same name, known as ‘The Marble City’ due to many of the pavements and public buildings of the town featuring this locally sourced, dark stone. The ‘Black Quarry’ just outside Kilkenny is known to have been in use from the 17th century.

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